The Domaine Du Mons in Corrèze is looking for a partnership.

You just love agroecological inovating techniques that you believe are answers to the future of humanity. You build on food and energetic autonomy. Full respect of the environment is in your opinion a corner stone of any feasible farm enterprise. You already have a hollistic vision of a farm. You strive for optimizing every  step of production since you know solution-orientated thinking is linked to productivity, adaptability and resilience.

The DDM can offer you a framework with numbers of posibilities.

40 ha of permanent pasture, 40 ha of forest, ewes and cattle, both organic, which are entirely sold directly to custumers, 1000 m2 of covered barns that can be used differently. All this needs to be reinforced with a permacultural project where edible forest will conquer part of the pastures, and where the sustainably managed forest can be used to optimize the fodder ressources for the animals. If you are not indifferent to aestheticism and landscape and you have the aspiration to be a famer, producing vegetables, fruits, poultry, outdoor pigs and / or products with the highest added value, let us talk about it.

We can think of a partnership, which will allow us to make a decent living, one in which sometimes we can work hard but also have time to go on week-ends or vacation easily, in a place which is not perfect yet rather priviledged.  If you are interested, please contact me : Raphaëlle de Seilhac, – (33 0)6 62 85 70 76

45.351302 , 1.932134

19800 Vitrac-sur-Montane


Altitude : 587 m