• The cuts of meat

How does this work?

The cuts of meat are sold several times during the year: the beef in 10 kg portions, sometimes in retail; for lambs the minimum order is half a lamb. They can be picked up at Domaine du Mons, or at different places for delivery: in Gironde, in Paris, in the Yvelines. 


In Corrèze, home delivery can be considered.

à quoi ressemble un colis


And to get an idea of the size of a parcel, here they are next to a book and a bottle:



If you leave your email address you will be added to the distribution list and will be notified of deliveries by email at least a month in advance. You can order simply by replying to the email.

For more information, don’t hesitate to call us at 06 62 85 70 76.


  • The slaughterhouse and butchershop provides quality work transparently. Located in Cantal, this small municipal butcher (with only 6 places for the cows) has great respect for the animal at all stages. When they arrive, the cows are led to individual pens where they can drink. The sheep meanwhile are led to a straw pen where they can roam freely. Each animal is then isolated and stunned before being slaughtered, which happens the night that they arrive. Therefore there is no sign of stress. The butchers do not practice ritual slaughter. They work exclusively with farmers who raise and sell their meat directly to consumers. They are never the owner of the meat and so have no interest in overcharging or devaluing the given quality. The products remain the property of the farmer until the final sale to the consumer.
  • The products are certified organic. In addition to regulatory controls, the slaughterhouse and butcher also meet the Ecocert certification, an independent certification body for organic farming.
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  • The maturation time for the meat is two weeks for the cows.
    This maturation takes place while the animal is still an entire carcass, prior to being butchered. It allows the meat to develop its flavor and tenderness. In industrial production, this maturation does not take place because it is considered a waste of time and material – it reduces the amount of intercellular water, making the meat weigh less, and is therefore less economical.
  • Our packaging effectively protects our products.The pieces of beef are packaged airtight and labeled, which makes for easy identification of each piece and preserves the last and the intrinsic quality. The lambs are not packaged airtight because their bones can pierce the plastic without anyone noticing.
  • Transportation is optimized to reduce our carbon footprint: our refrigerated delivery trucks carry the maximum number of animals, therefore also keeping them cold until they arrive at your refrigerator.
  • The wool comforters of Domaine du Mons

Until 2013 the wool harvested from our flock was more or less discarded. Rich in nitrogen, it was spread around the fruit trees or used to fill holes in the walls (until it was eaten by moths!) Not very satisfying. Selling it would have cost more than letting it rot. As for giving it away, almost no one would want it. With the 2014 harvest, an artisan from Haute-Loir, not far from our tanner, was able to make about 15 comforters and some pillows of different sizes. The wool is washed and processed without any chemical treatment. The cotton inside the comforter is organic.

couettes et oreillers du domaine du mons


For more information, contact us.

  • Peaux tannés.

Pas question non plus de laisser partir les peaux à l’industrie du cuir qui jamais ne rémunère les éleveurs.

La biodiversité des troupeaux permet d’obtenir des peaux d’une originalité rare et de toute beauté. Des photos sont à venir…

  • Laine filée.

La récolte 2015 sera lavée, cardée et filée. Des amies tricoteuses sont en attente de la recevoir…